I am Michele Nash-Hoff and I support CPA

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I_Am_CPA_MNH.jpgClick on the pic to see my recorded interview with Paola Masman, CPA Media Director

I am the Chair of the CPA California Chapter and I am asking you to invest in the CPA Education Fund.

CPA is a unique coalition of manufacturers, farmers, and workers working to reverse the decline of American productive strength due to flawed trade deals that violate the national interest.  CPA's members and supporters work together to grow a diverse economy and create good jobs.

These three groups do not always get along, to say the least.  But there is an over-riding common threat. Manufacturers are losing market share domestically and internationally.  Jobs are going away.  Farmers and ranchers are also losing out.  Industries we invented are leaving the country. Children and grandchildren have dim prospects for repaying student loans and enjoying a solid middle class life.

I support CPA because I support the American economy.  As you consider your end of year giving, I'm asking you to support us too.

Make your tax deductible donation today to the CPA Education Fund.

And: If you donate $200 or more, you get membership in CPA for one year.