I am Burl Finkelstein and I support CPA

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I hope you can give to the CPA Education Fund at the end of 2015.

I am the Executive VP of Operations and General Counsel of Kason Industries in Newman, Georgia. I am also on the CPA Board.  

I support CPA because offshoring and foreign trade cheating are the biggest obstacles my company faces to growing our market share and employment. 

CPA is a unique combination of manufacturing, agriculture and labor organizations. I know that manufacturing alone cannot fix this problem... we need to work with others.  

Kason employees, as well as our children and grandchildren, deserve a shot at a solid middle class life.

I support CPA because I support growing jobs and industries in America.

I'm asking you to support them too. 

Make your tax deductible donation today to the CPA Education Fund.

And: If you donate $200 or more, you get membership in CPA for one year.

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