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I am the Chairman of Revere Copper Products in Rome, New York.  I also serve as the Co-Chair for Manufacturing and Chief Co-Chair on the CPA board. I am asking you to invest in the CPA Education Fund.

American jobs, wealth and strength comes from us adding value to anything mined, made or grown in the US. My company is as efficient as any copper rolling mill in the world. But the biggest challenge we face is predatory pricing from foreign companies subsidized by their governments. American farmers, ranchers, manufacturers and workers can compete against other companies but not other governments.

Paul Revere started my company in 1801.  He was one of the founding fathers dedicated to building a great country. I support CPA because I support America becoming great again. 

I'm asking you to support us too. 

Click on the video link below to see me describe what we are doing and need to do.

Make your tax deductible donation today to the CPA Education Fund.

And: If you donate $200 or more, you get membership in CPA for one year.

Click on this image, below, to hear my interview with Paola Masman, CPA Media Director!


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